Swoop Energy


Finally, a silent, eco-friendly, and mobile power supply solution!

Say goodbye to noisy and polluting generators. SWOOP Energy provides clean, silent, and mobile power supply solutions for professionals in the building, audiovisual production, and events industries.

A clean energy everywhere

At SWOOP Energy, we have developed a sustainable alternative to generators that are destined to disappear! With our electric generator that incorporates reconditioned electric vehicle batteries, you can power all your electrical appliances with clean and silent energy. 

Our generators are easy to use and transport, and are suitable for many applications. You can now focus on your business without worrying about the nuisance caused by your power supply source, for the greater comfort of your teams and the public.

A solution adapted to the constraints of your activity


Put an end to expensive fuels (gasoline, diesel, gas)


Work in silence while being close to your power supply source

Zero emission

Drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your activity

An innovative Battery Swapping system

We have developed an innovative swapping system that allows for easy exchange of battery modules, separating them from the generator. It is now possible to rotate by replacing discharged modules with charged modules without interrupting the power supply.

The user can thus adapt the battery's autonomy to their needs!

Swapping takes only a few seconds thanks to a PLUG & PLAY system that is very easy to use, accessible to all your employees.


5 kW nominal
15 kW peak


10 kWh of capacity
2 x modules (5 kWh)




5 kW nominal
15 kW peak


10 kWh of capacity
2 x modules (5 kWh)

Participate in the energy transition

100% Mobile

Powerful and easy to carry batteries to power all your equipment.

Predictions and monitoring

Intuitive and convenient operation

Fast charging system

Discover all our products

Mobile generator

Ideal for powering electrical equipment on a construction site, during a film shoot or an event

Energy case 4,5kW

Générateur adapté aux situations de crises mais également à l'audiovisuel, aux foodtrucks ou aux particuliers

Batterie Li-ion 6kWh

Batterie module noir

Energy storage solution for your photovoltaic production and your customized installations

Our latest news

Make a commitment to the energy transition by choosing an energy source mobile, silent and durable!

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